Starting from a highly skilled carpenter, with a passion for fine arts of carpentry, and with more than 20 years of effort in the manufacture and export of furniture, Mr. Pham Van Xuan has created his own famous furniture brand in the industry.

In 1999, as the Founder of Dai Xuyen Furniture Co., Ltd , Mr. Pham Van Xuan was elected as the Vice Director, responsible for general production operations. Since 2005, he was elected as Director of the company and has led Dai Xuyen Furniture Co., Ltd through strong development steps - from manual production lines to a system with modern machinery in an area of 18000 m2. The total capacity of the factory produces 40 containers x 40" HQ per month. His efforts and those of the Board of Directors and the employees of the company, have brought their products to a wide variety of markets such as Europe, America, and Asia. The company has also become the trusted choice of both domestic and international customers.

In August 2015, with the need to development and expand their business, Mr. Pham Van Xuan and five other co-founders established PNT Furniture Co., Ltd with modern production lines in more than 38 000 m2 of land, with a total capacity expected to reach over 80 containers x 40'HQ/ per month. Mr. Pham Van Xuan was elected as the Chairman of the Board. With his vast experience and the success he has achieved, he will continue to contribute to the future development and success of PNT.


As one of the Founders and Vice Director of Nam Hai Furniture Co., Ltd, Mr. Tran Quang Thao and the staff have made ​​the company one of the main suppliers for Theodore Alexander Vietnam. Currently, the company is continuing to develop and grow through each step.

With his commitment to Nam Hai Furniture Co., Ltd. from the incorporation to the present, Mr. Tran Quang Thao contributed a great deal of enthusiasm and strength to the development of the company. With vision and experience for the art furniture industry, he has developed many important, long-term strategies. Furthermore, with over 20 years of working with antique product lines and mastering techniques, along with a deep understanding of each line of product, Mr. Tran Quang Thao has developed many solutions to improve the system of product quality control for the company. His creativity has contributed a significant part to the development of the company. As further proof to the success of the company and employees, Nam Hai Furniture Co., Ltd has set up a second branch.

In 2015, upon projection of the development of the direction of the furniture industry in the future, Mr. Tran Quang Thao participated in the incorporation of PNT Furniture Co., Ltd. With his credibility and trustworthiness of the founders, he was elected as the President of the company which is the heart of the Board, he will be an important partner in the development of the company’s future.


With her many years of experience in various managing positions in Hoang Son Co., Ltd., Ms. Ninh Noi plays the role of a bridge between customers and the company. She has made ​​a great impression and has cultivated confidence with her customers for product quality and services offered by the company. She has always tried her best for the development of the company.

As a business development consultant, Ms. Ninh Noi has developed market for Nam Hai Co., Ltd. and Hoang Son Co., Ltd. since she was a student in Business Administration; she accumulated a great deal of experience. Upon her graduation, Ninh Noi had joined the business of nontariff international retail in Asia Pacific Duty Free while working at Alcion Rep. Office Inc., in Ho Chi Minh City. She has also been participating in Strategic Development Consulting Projects of ARCS International in Vietnam.

Officially working full time in Hoang Son in 2007 as Vice President, Ms. Ninh Noi and the Board of Management have built and developed new long-term business strategies for the company. With this change, the company has successfully attracted more and more new customers. Marking her success as well as that of the company was the project of supplying furniture for Hilton Hotel Project (USA - 2011), Sheraton Hotel Project (USA - 2012, 2014), Kanifushi Spa & Resort 4 stars project with 150 rooms (Maldives - 2012 - 2013), Kim Cuong Island project (Ho Chi Minh - 2014), Mia Resort (Nha Trang-2014).

With her new role as Vice President, orientation for business development PNT Furniture Co. Ltd., and with her experience, enthusiasm and creativity, Ms. Ninh Noi with the founding members and PNT undertake the best services and quality to customers. We all realize this is the core condition for the sustainable success of PNT Furniture.


Coming from La Xuyen traditional handicraft village representing more than a thousand years experience in the production of wooden handicrafts, Mr. Ninh Công Khoa and his family engaged in and enriched these traditional crafts. Building NINH Décoration brand successfully and Hoang Son Co., Ltd specializing in production and export furniture items, products of the company have been exported to the most demanding markets such as the USA and the UK.

In 2001, Mr. Ninh Cong Khoa founded Hoang Son Co., Ltd and assumed the position of the general production management.  While pursuing sculpted handicrafts as the foundation, his experience accumulated and that helped him develop the technical management of the company during production. Mr. Ninh Cong Khoa never stops learning and improving his techniques, and therefore regularly updates and learns about new technologies and machines for furniture, applying his existing knowledge into actual production. Through fifteen years of development, the network of customers and ever increasing selection of products have continuously grown over the years as a testament to his hard work and success, along with the company’s staff.

As one of the Board members of PNT Furniture Co. Ltd., with his achieved successes, Mr. Ninh Cong Khoa and the staff will always accompany and make efforts for the development of the company in the future.


Maintaining his status within the timber industry until the present, Mr. Nguyen Hop Thau has his own position in the export sector with Tu Danh Furniture brand.

Founded in 2005, along with the company, he was going through a difficult period when the business strategies at that time were not suitable for the market and the customers that the company targeted in the first stage of incorporation. As a quick and decisive person, when noticing the company’s business performance was not effective, he decided to make the nesessary changes in management policies and development for its main product lines. The strategies are truly successful if the business results of the company are growing year by year. The orientations also gave him a stable source of revenue and a steady growth in the manufacturing sector. To date, he has focused on diversifying the lines of product, but is more focused on the lines of product with classic style

With the current success of the Tu Danh Fine Furniture and looking forward to the sustainable development with the other founders, Mr. Nguyen Hop Thau decided to participate in the establishment of PNT Furniture Co. Ltd. Although he is not presently holding any official position in the company, with his managerial competence and experience, Mr. Nguyen Hop Thau  will be a trusted companion in decision and strategic development and progress of the company.